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CoopXchange Credit Union

CoopXchange is an amalgam of the words "Co-operative Exchange."
Coopxchange.net aims to provide an exchange platform that will enhance cooperation amongst Co-operative societies. It is on this platform where the exchange of goods and services take place between all affiliate Co-operative societies.

CoopXchange is conceptualized in the mould of a stock or commodities exchange, which offers various Co-operatives a trading exchange platform, to sell their individual products (commodities) and services to members of other Co-operative societies. These commodities are usually sold below open market prices. Our focus is to bring a variety of commodities to Co-operatives members through its robust database system at cheaper prices, where goods and services will be traded amongst various Co-operative bodies and their members.

CoopXchange aims to provide a host of essential commodities, financial and real estate services to the middle class as well as individuals with low incomes and without effective access to varying financial services. It also seeks to provide technical support to micro, small, and medium enterprises.

The overall plan is to create a trading platform to be known as the “Exchange” where all affiliate Co-operative societies of CoopXchange meet to exchange goods and services. The “exchange” provides a common platform that offers members of affiliate Co-operative societies various financial services, which will include micro secured credits and other financial products. The “exchange” offers products from consumer goods to real estate and financial services such as micro insurance and consulting services to individuals and micro enterprises in 53 micro industries.


Benefits of our Products & Services

Our products and services will tremendously benefit our customers and meet their needs because it is a road for them to gain their financial independence.

Our company will be an avenue for them to safe keep their monies because of the discounted prices we offer in goods and services, grow their monies, and find something for them to fall back on in their older days through a Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) to be offered by CoopXpensions.

Our company will benefit our customers because we will provide them with funding as a catalyst that will improve their personal and business activities and their earning capabilities.

Our customers will find the technical service offerings beneficial in that it will give their education and exposure that will in turn change their approaches to a variety of things and improve their operations.

Our coopXinsurance activities will serve as a means of financial security to our customers, as well as instill confidence they require to put their businesses in full gear.

Our e-payment facility will offer our customers with convenience, easy access to procure goods, access their funds, as well as easy dispensation of their loan facilities.

We hope that this ultimately will serve the interest of our beloved Nation-Nigeria.

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